Reflex Aluminum Trick Plate w/ Shock Pad (fits 4-12)
Reflex Aluminum Trick Plate w/ Shock Pad (fits 4-12)
Retail Price: $65.99


Reflex Aluminum Trick Plate with Shock Pad
(Fits 4-12 Shell)

This aluminum plate is specifically shaped to work in unison with the D3 Leverage PTP rear toe plate. This new plate design allows for an additional ¾” of travel moving forward when compared to traditional Reflex plate designs. This plate is recommended for skiers who wish to have the ability to place their rear toe plate closer to the front boot or need to move their front foot further forward on the ski. Especially helpful for kids, those with smaller feet or those who wish addition separation between their feet by moving front foot forward.

Front foot Reflex binding aluminum plate. Comes pre-drilled to accommodate Reflex release mechanism and stainless toe bar. Complete with D3 Shock Pad for Reflex aluminum trick front plate. The pad is die-cut to accommodate all holes in the Reflex plate. Protects your ski from the plate and screw heads. Fits 4-12 shell.

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