D3 Custom Ski Company


D3 Skis designs, manufactures, and sells World Record setting slalom, jump and trick water skis. D3 skis are the best in the industry, designed and built by skiers, using the latest aerospace high performance materials and light weight laminates. All skis are manufactured in the United States and are available for purchase at www.d3skis.com and in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Located in Auburn Washington, D3 skis is a subsidiary of K.C. Technology, Inc and is the only company dedicated exclusively to three event water skiing.



Denny Kidder is a living legend in the world of water ski manufacturing. Denny’s designs have been used by the best skiers in the world for over 5 decades. His companies have included Kidder Skis, KD Skis and D3 Skis. Denny’s passion is to design and build the highest performing three event skis for the world’s best competitors.

CREED KIDDER - President / Chief Operations Officer

Creed has been working with Denny producing water skis most of his adult life. Creed is the operations manager, responsible for day to day manufacturing operations. Creed is a jumper at heart with the jump event being his favorite when he competed.

WILL BUSH - Design & Engineering

With more than 40 years competing on Kidder, KD and D3 skis, Will joined Denny in 2006 designing D3 slalom skis. Will is responsible for current ski design and engineering of new products. Will is a top ranked National and International competitor and recognized as one of the best pro drivers in the sport, having driven the Worlds, US Masters, Moomba Masters, US Open, MasterCraft Pro Tour, Malibu Open and many more events.

ELAINE BUSH - Project Management

Elaine joined D3 in 2012. Elaine works with the Chief Operations Officer with project management and technology applications for the company. Besides being a long-time competitive skier, Elaine is one of the best tournament drivers in the US.

TERRY WINTER - Product Expert & Customer Performance Advisor

As one of the most respected skiers and coaches in the sport of water skiing, Terry works with skiers to select the right ski and equipment; as well helping skiers get the absolute best performance from their gear. Terry has been skiing competitively since the age of 7 and skied his first pro tournament in 1996. He has consistently been ranked one of the top 10 Open Men’s slalom skiers in the world. In addition to Terry’s work with D3 Skis, Terry and his wife Kristin own and operate www.trainwithterrywinter.com providing virtual and on-site coaching.

NANCY DURHAM – Inside Sales and Customer Support

Nancy handles customer sales calls and assists with customer needs. She is the friendly voice at the D3 factory when you call. Nancy, along with her husband Chris, have a long history with D3 starting with Kidder and KD Skis.