D3 Custom Ski Company


D3 Skis designs and manufactures World Record setting slalom, jump and trick water skis. D3 skis are built using the latest aerospace high performance materials and light weight laminates. D3 skiers hold 50% of the Open Men & Open Women slalom, trick and jump World Records.

D3 skis are available for purchase in more than 30 countries worldwide; and is the only company dedicated exclusively to three event water skiing.

Located in Auburn Washington, D3 skis is a subsidiary of K.C. Technology, Inc.



Denny Kidder is a living legend in the world of water-ski manufacturing. Denny’s designs have been used by the best skiers in the world for over 4 decades. His companies have included Kidder Skis, KD Skis and more recently, D3 Skis. Denny’s passion is to design and build the highest performing three event skis for the world’s best competitors.

CREED KIDDER - President / Chief Operations Officer

Creed has been working with Denny producing water skis most of his adult life. Creed is the operations manager, responsible for day to day manufacturing operations.

DON BOYLE - Technical Support

WILL BUSH - Design & Engineering

With more than 35 years competing on Kidder, KD and D3 skis, Will joined Denny in 2006 assisting with design, research and development. Will has responsibility for ski design and engineering of new products.

ELAINE BUSH - Project Management

Elaine has been with D3 since 2012. She assists the Chief Operations Officer in project management and technology applications for the company.