Leverage Blackout Rear
Leverage Blackout Rear
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Leverage Blackout
Performance Rear Boot
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Snug, comfortable and durable the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT is what a rear rubber binding was always meant to be. We have improved the fit, comfort and quality of the Leverage binding. Like our skis, the new LEVERAGE BLACKOUT is built entirely in the USA utilizing only the best materials available.

The LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear boot is for the skier looking for a no-nonsense, flexible design that fits very snug, keeping the skier connected to the ski, while still allowing a full 360 degrees of motion to the upper ankle. The best word to use in describing the performance of the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear boot is “forgiving”. If you have searched for the right rear boot to match with your REFLEX Hard-shell front or you are looking for a rear boot that keeps your foot in place but is soft enough to allow the skier to focus the control on the front foot, look no further. Skiers seeking more lateral support and a stiffer upper ankle design see our T-Factor rear lace binding.

In keeping with D3’s “performance first” philosophy we use only screen printed graphics on the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT. Using molded rubber or plastic accoutrements as graphic elements can limit a bindings ability to stretch. This can also make a binding stiffer. For this reason we have stayed away from flashy graphics and have focused on a clean, screen printed, all black look. A rear boot needs to have smooth clean lines to reduce water drag. The LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear boot will not grab water in the turns.

For the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear boot we have removed the plastic heel support found in the front foot version. We chose to make this rear boot as soft and flexible as possible. We believe strongly that the majority of a skiers control should be provided by the front foot. By reducing the stiffness of the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear boot we make skiing front foot prominent easier. Because spacing between your feet is critical we have designed multiple options for positioning the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear boot. The traditional three-slots on the plate to move forward and back, additionally one can move the boot itself on the plate forward or aft. This is an exceptional advantage for skiers with either very large or very small feet. As an added bonus there are optional positions to slightly adjust the fore-body of the boot for width. The LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear boot has never been more customizable.

The LEVERAGE BLACKOUT rear binding does not have laces. Our new overlay design features a generous opening making the LEVERAGE BLACKOUT easy to get into. Each toe and heel rubber feature a sewn, padded, nylon strap handle which also facilitates easy entry and provides the ultimate in durability.

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