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Rockerblock Complete W/ Mounting, Clamp and Set Screws

Our Price: $114.99



R-30 / R-45 / R-60

$114.99 each

$199.99 for 2

$299.99 for 3

The current industry fin blocks are flat and actually reduce tail rocker as the fin block is tighten to the ski. The ROCKERBLOCK revolutionizes how you, the skier, can now change and personalize the tail rocker of your ski. In the simplest terms the ROCKERBLOCK gives you the capability to adjust how your ski turns, by specifying the radius in the last eight inches of your ski.

Everyone has a slightly different style and technique. Skiers the world over know that fin and binding position can optimize your ski and help you perform to maximum potential. D3 has now gone a step further by providing you the ultimate tool in ski set-up and adjustment options – a set of ROCKERBLOCKS – each with a different radius to change how your ski performs during the turn. Available in three different shapes, the ROCKERBLOCK can improve the performance of your ski - even early model D3 skis where skiers may have struggled with turn completion.

R-30 This is the stock radius shape included with all new model skis starting with the Quest. The R-30 (used by Nate Smith to break the world slalom record) creates additional rocker shape when (compared to flat fin blocks). This additional rocker in the very back section of the ski allows D3 to produce a slower rise over distance out of the flat spot. This results in a very stable feeling ride and an extremely predictable turn. Rockerblock includes all mounting hardware. (Fin blade not included)

R-45 creates additional rocker shape (when compared to the R-30). This means a tighter radius turn with all else being equal when compared to the R-30. Skiers who struggle with completing turns especially on the on-side will find the R-45 can make turn completion effortless. Rockerblock includes all mounting hardware. (Fin blade not included)

R-60 delivers the most aggressive turn available. The R-60 creates additional rocker shape (when compared to the R-60) that builds maximum angle to the wakes especially for skiers whose biggest challenge is creating space before the next buoy. Our tests on entry level slalom course skiers have shown addition rocker can help when learning to complete turns and achieve optimal angle through the wakes. Rockerblock includes all mounting hardware. (Fin blade not included)

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